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Fish Hoek SCD End-of-year Dance Class - 9 December 2019

posted 8 Dec 2019, 21:25 by Scottish Dance Cape Town

Fish Hoek Club will be holding our end-of-year dance class on Monday 9th December 2019. Dancers from all clubs are once again invited to join us for a fun evening of dancing.

Time:    19:45 for 20:00

Cost:    R25

The programme for the evening and crib can be downloaded below. Dances will all be recapped and walked on request. This is also our 30th anniversary, we do hope to see you on the dance floor.

Lynfrae End-of-year Party - 7 December 2019

posted 21 Nov 2019, 05:33 by Scottish Dance Cape Town

Lynfrae will hold their end-of-year dance on Saturday  7 December, in the hall of Claremont Congregational Church, Claremont, starting 6:30pm for 7:00pm: the cost for those other than annual members of Lynfrae, will be  R20.00 .  Light eats will be provided. 

The party programme and crib can be downloaded below.

Somerset West Scottish Country Dance Club 62nd Birthday Celebration - 9 November 2019

posted 22 Sep 2019, 07:38 by Scottish Dance Cape Town   [ updated 5 Nov 2019, 03:57 ]

Scottish Country Dance Club  have pleasure in inviting you to theirr 62nd BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION and CLUB CLOSURE PARTY on SATURDAY, 9th NOVEMBER, 2019  in the Dutch Reformed Church Hall, Andries Pretorius Street, Somerset West at 18:30 for 19:00.

 The Programme of dances for the evening is as follows:-

 1.         The Dashing White Sergeant                            9.       The Happy Meeting

2.         Pelorus Jack                                                    10.       The Irish Rover

3.         The Gardener's Fantasia                                  11.       Miss Milligan's Strathspey

4.         Inverneil House                                               12.       7th Wonder

5.         Barbara's Celebration                                      13.       A Trip to The Drakensberg

6.         Ship of Grace                                                  14.       The Minister on the Loch

7.         Lady Dumfries                                                15.       Shiftin' Bobbins

8.         Mairi's Wedding                                             16.       General Stuart's Reel


                        - TEA -

 Spare if time:-             The Abbortsford Lassies

                                    Duke of Perth

 A Minicrib sheet with the dance instructions can be downloaded below.

 The usual eats will be served.   As this is their Closure Party, it has been decided by the Committee that there will be NO CHARGE AT THE DOOR.      

A donation to assist with the Security Guard hire would be appreciated.

We hope you can join and make it a Celebration Birthday / Closure evening for everyone.   If possible, it would be nice if dancers can dress a bit special for this occasion - wear your Tartan sashes Ladies.

No walk - no talk evening of dancing - 5 October 2019

posted 22 Sep 2019, 07:18 by Scottish Dance Cape Town   [ updated 22 Sep 2019, 07:19 ]

The RSCDS Cape Town Branch will be holding the thirteenth in our popular No Walk/No Talk evenings of dancing on Saturday 5 October to which you are all invited.

The event takes place at Claremont Congregational Church at 5:45pm for 6:00pm and will continue till 8:00pm, after which we adjourn for a shared supper.  The programme and cribs can be downloaded below.

Please book your place as soon as possible, but no later than Wednesday 2 October

Sunflower Day Dance - 16 September 2019

posted 9 Sep 2019, 04:09 by Scottish Dance Cape Town

Dancers from all clubs are invited to join us in Fish Hoek on Monday 16 September 2019 for our traditional ‘Sunflowers and Heather’ class. We will once again be showing our support for the Sunflower Fund  and sporting our TOPES (Tube of Hope).

This will be a free class for dancers who are wearing this year’s TOPE on the evening.

The dance programme for the Sunflower Day Dance and crib can be downloaded below.

Practice for Somerset West 62nd Birthday party - 14 September 2019

posted 8 Sep 2019, 22:00 by Scottish Dance Cape Town

Would you like an opportunity to practice the dances on the Somerset West 62nd birthday and closure party programme in November?  There will be an  extra class taking place on Saturday, September 14, from 11:00 to 13:00 at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Meadowridge. Cost R30, free for Bergvliet’s paid up annual members.

No walk - no talk evening of dancing - 27 July 2019

posted 15 Jul 2019, 02:03 by Scottish Dance Cape Town   [ updated 15 Jul 2019, 02:03 ]

The RSCDS Cape Town Branch will be holding the twelfth in our popular No Walk/No Talk evenings of dancing on Saturday 27 July to which you are all invited.

The event takes place at Claremont Congregational Church at 5:45pm for 6:00pm and will continue till 8:00pm, after which we adjourn for a shared supper.  The programme and cribs can be downloaded below.

Please book your place as soon as possible, but no later than Wednesday 24 July

Bergvliet Social - 27 June 2019

posted 24 Jun 2019, 06:44 by Scottish Dance Cape Town

The programme is out for the Bergvliet Social this Thursday 27 June 2019:
  1. The Dashing White Sergeant          R32    3+3RR  RSCDS III
  2. The Highland Fair                   J32     2/4L  RSCDS Graded
  3. McGregor Strathspey                 S32     3/3L  Gilmour
  4. Catch the Wind                      R32     3/4L  Butterfield: RSCDS XLV
  5. New Year Jig                        J32     3/4L  Robson: RSCDS LI
  6. The Cabrach                         S32     3/4L  Goldring Gr1
  7. Jaywalking                          J40     3/4L  Tyler
  8. Cati Ramsay                         R32     2/4L  Gaul
  9. 12 Coates Crescent                  S32     4/4L  RSCDS XL
 10. The Montgomeries' Rant              R32     3/4L  Castle Menzies (18C): RSCDS X
 11. Best Set in the Hall                J32     3/4L  Greenwood: RSCDS XLVI
 12. Tulloch gorm                        S32     3/4L  Campbell: RSCDS VIII
 13. Joie de Vivre                       J32     3/4L  Maarseveen: RSCDS XXXIX
 14. Mr Michael Bear's Reel              R32     3/4L  Phillips: RSCDS Graded 2
All welcome. Cost R30

Mandela Day Dance 2019 - 15 July 2019

posted 24 Jun 2019, 05:29 by Scottish Dance Cape Town

Mandela Day on 18 July marks the birth of Nelson Mandela. Mandela Day is not just a celebration of Nelson Mandela’s life and legacy; it is a call to action for people everywhere to recognise their individual power to take responsibility to change the world around them.

Scottish Country Dancers from all clubs are invited to join us once again for an evening of fun dancing in Fish Hoek, on Monday 15 July, the Monday closest to Mandela Day and help celebrate the idea that each of us can make a difference in our community, that everyone can take action against poverty.

The programme of dancing will last 67 minutes and we will break for tea, coffee and biscuits.

There won’t be any cost for the evening but you are asked to bring along tinned or other non-perishable food which will be distributed to those in need in Masiphumelele or dog and kitty food for TEARS in the Valley or the SPCA. We will also be collecting books in reasonable condition which are destined for the HELP THE RURAL CHILD charity bookshop.

When:                       Monday 15th July 2019
Time:                        19:45 dancing to start at 20:00
Venue:                      St Margaret's Anglican Church Hall, corner Kommetjie Road and 5th Avenue
Dress:                       Informal with a touch of tartan or your favourite Madiba shirt. Men please wear your kilts and show off those knees!
What to bring:            Your food gift and books in good condition.

  DANCE PROGRAMME Estimate of time to dance in minutes
1 The Highland Fair                        J32     2/4L  RSCDS Graded 04:34.0
2 The Road to McGregor                S32     4/4L  Hodgson: Happy Blues 04:05.0
3 Catch the Wind                             R32     3/4L  Butterfield: RSCDS XLV 04:43.0
4 The Byron Strathspey                  S32     3/3L  Drewry: Deeside 2 03:11.0
5 The Aviator                                    J32     3/4L  Fischer: RSCDS LII 04:43.0
6 Heather's Real                               R32    3/4L  Hodgson: Happy Blues  04:52.0
7 Sands of Morar                            S32     3/4L  Priddey: RSCDS XLV 08:18.0
8 Piper and Penguin                    R88 4S Goldring: RSCDS Scotia 01:38.0
9 Abbotsford Lassies                  R32      4S   Inglis: Montréal 60 02:24.0
10 The Kissing Bridge                  R32     3/4L  Butterfield: RSCDS XLVII 04:53.0
11 The First Rain of Spring            J32     3/3L  Joubert: RSCDS XLIX 01:48.0
12 Land of the Heather Hills           S32     4/4L  Priddey: Capercaillie 04:24.0
13 Dancing Dragons                     J32     3/3L  Joubert 02:03.0
14 The Dream Catcher                    S96      4S   Orr: RSCDS XLV 03:10.0
15 Never at Sea                                R48     6/6L  Haddow: Pillings 9 02:46.0
16 12 Coates Crescent                    S32     4/4L  RSCDS XL 04:11.0
17 Mairi's Wedding                        R40     3/4L  Cosh: 22 SCD 05:49.0
    67 mins 32 seconds

RSCDS Cape Town Teaching Dancing Workshop - 11 May 2019

posted 24 Apr 2019, 07:59 by Scottish Dance Cape Town

Have you ever considered teaching Scottish Country Dancing?

The workshop is for experienced dancers who are considering becoming a teacher in the near future or who would like to be part of a team to relieve and substitute for the existing Cape Town club teachers.

Sign-up for one of the teaching slots available or come along as a helpful dance participant (aka ‘stooge’) and find out more about becoming a teacher and learn some interesting new dances.

Date:               Saturday 11 May 2019

Venue:             Trinity Presbyterian Church, Meadowridge

Time:               09:00 for 09:15 start until 11:30

Cost:                R20 RSCDS Members ; R25 Non-members

The limited slots will be assigned on a first come,first served basis for both those wanting to teach a dance and those who would like to just dance and learn.

Bookings:         email

You are welcome to select your own dance to teach, alternatively a list of suitable dances with instructions and music is available. Guidance prior to the event to help prepare and analyse your dance will be shared as well as feedback after the session.

Are you interested in learning how to lead a social dance class? Have you thought about teaching for your club, school or group of local enthusiasts? If so then this workshop is also for you.

It is envisaged that this will be the first in a series of workshops relating to teacher training, offering basic teaching skills.

Queries? Speak to your club teacher or RSCDS Cape Town Chairman Heather Hodgson.

"Scottish dancing is kept alive through the teaching of others"

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