Cape Town Callies St Andrew's Nicht Celebrations & Ceilidh - 28 November

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Here's the programme for the dancing segments on the Cape Town Caliies St Andrew's Nicht Celebrarions & Celidh:

The Saltire Strathspey (S32, 4/4L, Anglin: RSCDS XLV)
Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan (R32, 5/5L, Goldring 2000)

Ceilidh Part 1: Dancing for everyone
Gay Gordons (X16, 1RR, Guide)
DAN: The Dancing Rhino (R32, 2RR, Hodgson)
Pinelands Promenade

Ceilidh Part 2: Dancing for everyone / Scottish Country Dancing
The Flying Scotsman (J32, 3/4L, Thurston: 16 SCD)
A Reel for Jeannie (R32, 4/4L, Fife Council P.E.V.T.S.: RSCDS XL)
Catch the Wind (R32, 3/4L, Butterfield: RSCDS XLV)
The Piper and the Penguin (R88, 4S, Goldring: RSCDS Scotia)
The Byron Strathspey (S32, 3/3L, Drewry: Deeside 2)
Scottish Country Dancing till 11pm (80 mins)
The Ferryboat (J32, 1C, Hunt: Let's All Dnc 1)
The Abbotsford Lassies (R32, 4S, Inglis)
Best Set in the Hall (J32, 3/4L, Greenwood: RSCDS XLVI)
Polharrow Burn (R32, 5/5L, Foss: Magazine)
The Dream Catcher (S96, 4S, Orr: RSCDS XLV)
Pelorus Jack (J32, 3/4L, Skelton: RSCDS XLI)
City of Stirling Reel (R32, 3/4L, Goldring: Bannockburn 700)
The First Rain of Spring (J32, 3/3L, Joubert: RSCDS XLIX)
Never at Sea (R48, 6/6L, Haddow)
The Convict Ship (R32, 2RR, Burnham)
The Montgomeries' Rant (R32, 3/4L, Castle Menzies (18C): RSCDS X)
The Belle of Bon Accord (S32, 4/4L, Drewry: Guide)
7th Wonder (R32, 3/3L, Hodgson: Pretoria 40th Anniversary)
Gothenburg's Welcome (J32, 3/4L, Munro: RSCDS XXXVII)
The Minister on the Loch (S32, 3/3L, Goldring: Magazine)
J. B. Milne (R32, 3/4L, Foss: Guide)
Land Of The Heather Hills (S32, 4/4L, Priddey: Capercaillie)
The Machine without Horses (J32, 3/4L, Rutherford: RSCDS XII)
Mairi's Wedding (R40, 3/4L, Cosh: 22 SCD)

For those wanting a "WatchThrough" just click the following link for the videos of dances: CTCalliesStAndrewsWatchThrough

Cribs and diagrams for the dances available for downloading below.
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27 Nov 2015, 02:27