Fish Hoek Craft and Gift Fair - 29 September 2018

posted 9 Sept 2018, 00:49 by Scottish Dance Cape Town   [ updated 9 Sept 2018, 01:44 ]
Dancers from Fish Hoek will be performing at the Fish Hoek Craft and Gift Fair on Saturday 29 September at 11:30.

We will be doing a display of a couple of dances: First Rain of Spring and Mrs Stewart of Fish Hoek before inviting the audience, members of the public to join in for DAN: the dancing rhino and Flying Scotsman. We would be pleased to have your support and participation in the dances for all.

Piper Hugh Veitch will be playing a tune or two before we dance so there will be the chance the hear the skirl of the bagpipes too.

The craft and gift fair is a week long event.
Fish Hoek Craft and Gift Fair