Love to Dance Class - Monday 1 February 2016

posted 30 Jan 2016, 23:24 by Scottish Dance Cape Town

There will be a themed dance class in Fish Hoek on Monday 1st February 2016. Scottish Country Dancers from other clubs are welcome to join us.

Cost: R15 per person

Dress: A touch of red, white or tartan.


 1. The First Rain of Spring        J32     3/3L  Joubert: RSCDS XLIX

  2. The Byron Strathspey          S32     3/3L  Drewry: Deeside 2

  3. Catch the Wind                   R32     3/4L  Butterfield: RSCDS XLV

  4. The Belle of Bon Accord      S32     4/4L  Drewry: Guide

  5. The Luckenbooth Brooch     J32     3/4L  Dickson: Reels and    Wheels (CD booklet)

  6. The Dream Catcher             S96      4S   Orr: RSCDS XLV

  7. The Piper and the Penguin   R88      4S   Goldring: RSCDS Scotia

  8. The Cranberry Tart               J32     3/4L  Glasspool: 7 Year Itch


     Chased Lovers                     J32     3/4L  Wilson: World Wide Weavings

  9. Never at Sea                       R48     6/6L  Haddow

 10. Land Of The Heather Hills    S32     4/4L  Priddey: Capercaillie

 11. Gypsy Dreams                   S32     2/4L  Glasspool: Itch to Dance

 12. Mairi's Wedding                  R40     3/4L  Cosh: 22 SCD

Crib for the ‘Love to Dance’ class is available for download below.
Scottish Dance Cape Town,
30 Jan 2016, 23:24