Worker's Day Class - 1 May 2014

posted 25 Apr 2014, 04:32 by Scottish Dance Cape Town
Bergvliet invite dancers from all other Cape Town Club's to an easy evening's dancing class that requires minimal work on Thursday, May 1, the public holiday celebrating Workers Day.

The programme is an eclectic mix of tried-and-tested favourites that most Cape Town dancers know pretty well. A crib with diagrams is available for download below.

Cost:       R20

Venue:    Trinity Presbyterian Church Hall, Newton Drive, Meadowridge

Time:       19:45 for 20:00


  1. Joie de Vivre                       J32     3/4L  Maarseveen: RSCDS XXXIX

  2. Knotwork                            J40     3/4L  Joubert: Golden Anniversary Book 1951-2001

  3. The Dream Catcher                   S96      4S   Orr: Silver Anniv.

  4. The Bees of Maggieknockater         J32     4/4L  Drewry: Canadian

  5. Polharrow Burn                      R32     5/5L  Foss: Glendarroch

  6. The Minister on the Loch            S32     3/3L  Goldring Gr1

  7. Catch the Wind                      R32     3/4L  Butterfield: Island Bay 1

  8. Cherrybank Gardens                  S32     3/3L  Drewry: Bankhead 1

  9. The Montgomeries' Rant              R32     3/4L  Castle Menzies (18C): RSCDS X

Scottish Dance Cape Town,
25 Apr 2014, 04:32
Scottish Dance Cape Town,
25 Apr 2014, 04:32