Bergvliet Bon Accord Evening 20 October 2011

Post date: Jul 15, 2011 10:34:15 AM

Bergvliet Scottish Country Dance Club is staging a Bon Accord ‘open evening’ as an interclub event on Thursday October 20 at 7:45 for 8:00 pm, at Bergvliet’s usual venue.

French for ‘good agreement’, Bon Accord is the motto of the city of Aberdeen. According to legend it all started in the 14th century when the secret password ‘Bon Accord’ was used by Robert the Bruce during the Wars of Scottish Independence, when he and his men laid siege to Aberdeen Castle before destroying it in 1308 and massacring the English Garrison.

Commonly misinterpreted as the translation of Bon Accord, the city of Aberdeen's toast is ‘Happy to meet, sorry to part, happy to meet again’.

Semantics aside, however, Bergvliet Scottish Country Dance Club enjoys ‘good agreement’ with the other Cape Town SCD clubs and invites all to dance at a Bon Accord Evening.

The evening’s programme includes dances with Bon Accord or Aberdeen in their titles, as well as a number of Bergvliet’s old favourites from John Drewry’s Bon Accord book. Some of which are Blooms of Bon Accord, Bratach Bana, Belle of Bon Accord, Jean Martin of Aberdeen, John of John Accord and Silver Tassie.

Cost: R20 per person for non-Bergvliet members.

The programme with cribs is available for download below.